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Senior Grandmaster Man Kun Lee started his Martial Arts training at Chung Do Kwon in Seoul, Korea.  He began his training in 1954 when he was 13.  During his training he was exposed to multiple martial arts including Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, and Hapkido.


In 1960, his eldest child (Grandmaster Kwang Hyun Lee) was born.  Then, in 1970, his son began practicing Taekwondo and Senior Grandmaster Lee moved to Bangkok, Thailand where he opened his first Martial Arts school which he named Lee's Taekwondo.

In 1978, Senior Grandmaster Lee moved to Tehran, Iran and reopened Lee's Taekwondo there.  Then, in 1980, he moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and reopened Lee's Taekwondo for a second time.

In 1984, his son, now 24, joined him in Riyadh and they taught at the school together.  Then, in 1986, Senior Grandmaster Lee left Riyadh and moved to Maryland where he opened American Martial Arts College in Abingdon. 


His son remained in Riyadh for 3 years before joining his father in the U.S.

Senior Grandmaster Lee and his son ran the U.S. school together for 11 years before, in 2000, Senior Grandmaster Lee decided to retire and gave the school to his son.


After assuming ownership of the business, his son renamed the school AAA U.S. Taekwondo College.  Then, in 2016, his son purchased Blue Dragon Martial Arts from Grandmaster Han Young Kim and renamed the school Elite Core Martial Arts.

Senior Grandmaster Lee holds a 9th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and, while he has no official designation, he is recognized for having significant experience in Tang Soo Do and Hapkido.

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